Embracing the Cloud with Acumatica

ERP Software has been slow to embrace the cloud.  The technology is heavily client-server oriented and is not conducive to migrating easily to the cloud.  Prometheus Technology Services, as a business, has embraced the cloud as the future of ERP Software.  And to this end, we diligently surveyed the market to find an ERP Vendor that had a true cloud-based product that was cloud-based, scalable, customizable, was partner-centric and gave their customers options on hosting.  We reviewed Microsoft, Oracle NetSuite, Intacct, and many others.  The only product that fits the needs for a truly flexible, robust partner-centric cloud ERP product was Acumatica. 


Acumatica was born in the cloud.  It is truly the most revolutionary product on the market.   It is built on the robust xRP platform which allows clients to customize the product and integrate with other systems easily.  It was developed from the ground up for the cloud.  It utilizes best-of-breed technologies to ensure you are future-proofing your business.  Acumatica has a true partner-centric business model, allowing Prometheus Technologies to work with you and provide the needed support you need both locally and in the cloud.

It is time your business embraced the cloud and took advantage of all it offers to help you increase efficiency, surpass your competition and become part of the digital revolution.


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