Acumatica ERP Editions

Acumatica’s flexibility extends beyond the adaptability of the functionality and deployment, into deciding what suites of Acumatica ERP to license.

No product is “one size fits all.” Too many features bog down the implementations, and too few features impact your productivity. With Acumatica ERP, you license only the modules you need now and add more when you are ready. Please visit Acumatica ERP Pricing to get a better understanding of our differentiating value for customers.

The table below compares the features that come standard with each edition and the optional functions that you can add to that edition. Acumatica allows you to focus on what you want to implement now and expand as you grow, and your requirements change.


Acumatica Editions

  • General Business 

  • Distribution & Warehouse Management

  • Manufacturing

  • eCommerce

  • Field Service

  • Construction

ISV Extended Editions including:

  • Non-Profits

  • Point of Sale

  • Property Management

  • and more