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Business technology is moving to the cloud at a revolutionary pace. Unfortunately, the world of ERP is mostly client server-based software. Most of this software originated in the 1990s and early 2000s. These applications are far from being considered cloud-based. Acumatica was conceived in the cloud to revolutionize the world of ERP. It is the most extensible, scalable, and feature-rich cloud-based product on the market. Also, Acumatica is licensed by usage and not users, thus enabling your whole enterprise to access the software and increase their productivity and insight into your business increasing your bottom line.

This revolution in the world of ERP software is allowing businesses to pay for the software as a service monthly, reducing the upfront investment of your business dollars in new software.

A revolution is occurring in the world of Enterprise Resource Planning...

Software as a service enables you to pay for the software over its life, thus allowing you to reap and immediate return on your investment. Also, through the use of the cloud, your staff can access the software anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

While this revolution is occuring on the ERP software side, the ERP consulting market has not changed its approach. It continues to drive up expensive consulting engagements with clients.  This approach has a high failure rate along with budget overruns, missed go-live dates, and unhappy clients. Prometheus Technology is changing this approach to ERP software. Now through our managed services. We align your business goals with our business goals of ensuring you are a happy and successful client. 

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Cloud ERP

SAAS ERP Software with significantly less upfront investment and on-going overhead.


Feature Rich

Acumatica is a feature-rich ERP software built on the xRP Extensible Platform.

Globalization concept


All of your employees have access to your software anywhere, at any time and on any device.

Hosted on Amazon 

Hosted in a private cloud

Hosted on client site

Acumatica Hosting

You can host Acumatica where you feel most comfortable.  Acumatica supports hosting on Amazon, Microsoft Azure, in any private cloud, or on-premise at your site.  Unlike its competitors, Acumatica believes its customers know best and should make the decision.


Cloud Computing

Feature Rich

The Reviews Are In! Acumatica Cloud ERP Named a Leader in Forbes, G2 and Gartner

Acumatica’s role as a Leader amongst cloud ERP vendors continues as ForbesG2, and Gartner release Fall 2019 user reviews. We’ve put together a User Review page compiling the information, but because we’re excited to spread the word about our usability and popularity ratings, here’s a high-level overview of Acumatica’s leadership status within the cloud ERP space.


Forbes, a global media company, reports that SoftwareReviews, a division of InfoTech Research Group, released their Emotional Footprint Report on Enterprise Resource Planning, October 2019. In it, Acumatica’s cloud-based ERP solution, the only mid-market option of the 18 vendors profiled, is one of the four most popular systems with users, coming in second only to Oracle ERP Cloud with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Oracle PeopleSoft trailing behind.

With 960 customer reviews based on 25 questions, the Emotional Footprint Report uses Value Index (value users gain from the software vs. what they pay) and Net Emotional Footprint (how users feel about the software) scores to rank vendors within their diamond-shaped chart.

“The most liked ERP vendors have sales teams who excel at setting realistic expectations and then delivering on them while constantly improving their ERP systems to deliver time savings and improve security,” Forbes writes.

Acumatica’s Emotional Footprint is that of a Champion, according to Software Reviews. See their chart below.



G2, the world’s leading business software review platform, released its Fall 2019 Momentum Grid Report. Acumatica is a Momentum Leader, which means Acumatica cloud ERP software has a top 25% Momentum Grid score, placing us within the coveted shaded area.


The Grid is spliced along two axes, Satisfaction and Momentum Score. According to G2, “A product’s Momentum score is calculated by a proprietary algorithm that factors in social, web, employee, and review data that G2 has deemed influential in a company’s momentum.”

Acumatica, with a score of 82, has the highest overall Momentum Grid Score, has a 4.5 star rating by manually verified G2 reviewers (who must use a LinkedIn account to review), and has received the following G2 Badges for Fall 2019: Momentum Leader, Best Usability, Best Relationship, and Leader Mid-Market.

Reviewer John M. states in his July 2019 five-star review, ‘Great application with great support!’, “Has many features we require as well as the ability to create custom upgrades to handle our special requirements. The web-based interface is very easy to navigate and allows multiple windows open at a time. Security is tight and ease of credit card processing is great.”


Gartner, a leading information technology research and advisory company, says Acumatica Financial Management is well-aligned with Gartner’s vision of Postmodern ERP. Gartner Peer Insights and Gartner Digital Markets (Capterra, Software Advice, GetApp) provide rigorously vetted reviews, and Acumatica currently has a 4.4-star rating on both sites (91% and 94% of users respectively giving either a four-or-five-star rating).

One of many reviews, ‘Best of Breed Cloud ERP System’, gave Acumatica five stars, citing “ease of use, great dashboards, powerful technology, easy to integrate, and easy access to data.” 

Trust real user reviews

We appreciate the users who review Acumatica and the unbiased ratings by Forbes, G2, and Gartner. They understand that real user reviews deliver raw, unfiltered experiences. We’re honored that Acumatica consistently receives high scores for our superior usability, which Nucleus Research says sets the standard for other cloud ERP vendors, ranking us as a Leader and highest in Usability in their ERP Technology Value Matrix 2019.

Acumatica serves small and mid-size companies around the world, offering a custom-designed pricing structure—pay for the resources used, not each user—and a full suite of mobile and seamlessly integrated business applications, including FinancialsProject Accounting, and CRM in addition to specialized industry solutions, such as DistributionManufacturingeCommerceConstruction, and more.

We hope you’ll check out the Acumatica User Review page and discover why users who choose Acumatica cloud ERP receive high value, impressive functionality, and exacting performance.

Contact our team with any questions or to request a demonstration today!